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The Angels win because Mike Trout

See ya later 5 game losing streak

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 3 Rangers 1

The Angels opened up scoring in this one when Kole Calhoun had a clutch RBI in the 3rd inning scoring would-be hero of the night Brian Goodwin. Having the lead was fun. So fun that is last like an entire half inning until Joey Gallo jacked a solo home run in the top of the 4th.

At times I felt like this game would never end. Perhaps partially because it took Felix Pena 90 pitches to get through 4.2 innings. Pena was less than pleased when he finally got the hook but don’t worry Felix - we know how you feel. We have all been less than pleased with how this season has turned out so far.

Not much happened early in this one, but Brian Goodwin did make this fantastic highlight reel play in the 4th inning. Had Justin Upton tried for that ball he might have broken his leg. Phew!

In the 5th inning things looked good for the guys in red. Two men on base and zero outs. Yes!! That gave the Angels a run expectancy of 1.45983. But this 2019 team is here to buck trends (and not swing at strikes) so they managed to blow it. One K and two pop ups later and the innings was over. The Angels had lowered the curve.

But then things changed because: Mike Trout.

You don’t make a mistake when Mike Trout is up, but apparently Lance Lynn did not get that memo, instead opting for a 2-0 fastball right down the middle which Trout promptly delivered over the outfield wall. I seriously wonder why anyone would ever pitch to Trout ever he lineup that surrounds him.

This game was mostly a snooze fest but you know what? We have Mike Trout!!!!! We really only needed him to him one home run in this game but Trout is an overachiever. A probably underpaid overachiever, but he is OUR overachiever. He had to give us one more reason to enjoy watching this game - a second solo smash in the bottom of the 8th just because he can. Jesse Chavez didn’t get that memo to no pitch to him either. You’d think he would know better since he played him. Goodwin tried to be the hero but he plays with Mike Trout.

MICHAEL NELSON TROUT. BOOM. See you tomorrow for game 3 - team that does not have Mike Trout.



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