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Casually wiping away our shot at .500...

It was not a pretty one.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Los Angeles Angels
“I shouldn’t be on base, save an error! Let me run, run, run!”
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Royals 5, Angels 1

Sunday was a good case of “we’ve won two games, so we’ll try hard but if we don’t win today, we’ll still be jolly, right?”

The Angels are allergic to sweeps. That must be it. It’s the only explanation.

Of course, there’s the other warranted explanation, that Danny Duffy is a lefty and the Angels never do well against lefties...

Tyler Skaggs’ run of dominance against the Kansas City Royals ended. He labored through the first two innings, allowing multiple runners in the first and was averaging about twenty pitches an inning. And then the third inning struck. After a one-out Whit Merrifield walk, Nicky Lopez laced a ball that dropped a few feet in front of Kole Calhoun, but it seemed as if he could have gotten to the ball. Then Adalberto Mondesi lifted one out to Calhoun that again he couldn’t see. The ball trickled by him, the Royals scored three in the inning, and the Angels shrugged.

Danny Duffy was pretty good against the Angels, only allowing one run on an RBI-double by Kevan Smith that Alex Gordon misplayed. Zack Cozart (he was playing) went 0-3 with 5 LOB. He’s great!

The Angels have a tough set against the Twins starting tomorrow.