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The world is ending and honestly who even cares about baseball when Ohtani and Simba go down and this team is a mess and we’re all going down in flames and **takes deep breath

We don’t care about the game score, do we?

Minnesota Twins v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Twins something, Angels something

A week from now, no one will remember the score. Well, they will. It’ll have been that “Twins something, Angels something” game.

There was actually a game to be frustrated about before the eighth inning at before 10:10 pm. When the clock struck 10:11 pm, the world ended.

Let’s quickly touch on the game before then because I don’t want to discuss the gory details at the moment. Jake Odorizzi pitched masterfully, not allowing any runs in his five innings of work. The reason it was so short was because Jonathan Lucroy worked a nifty little twelve-pitch AB, driving up the pitch count, and the Twins decided to go to the pen after five.

Taylor Cole opened and pitched a scoreless inning, while Félix Peña went five, allowing just one run on a fielder’s choice. Apparently Lucroy can’t catch, but that’s not the worst of our problems and we already knew that anyway so we can just skip over it.

Justin Anderson navigated around a shifty seventh, finally getting out of it when Jorge Polanco hit a harder liner right at Mike Trout with two men on. It seemed like a momentum shifter.

Because the offense was utterly putrid tonight. They had nothing going for them. But in the seventh, something happened. Brian Goodwin laced a single, Albert Pujols worked a walk, and TOMMY LA STELLA somehow punched one into center to tie the game at that late juncture. Yet with two out and two on, Mike Trout took four pitches. Three of them happened to be in the strike zone.

And then Ty Buttrey, who has been so solid for his entire Angel career, gave up his first big league homer to Miguel Sano. Terrible time, and it only got worse.

The home plate umpire was terrible, by the way.

It’s hard to put this into words. Shohei Ohtani was hit in the hand and still managed to strike out in the process. Andrelton Simmons tried to beat out a ground ball and was half a stride too short. You can see for yourself.

By the way, the F-bomb rule has been lifted for this thread only. Go for it, you guys.


Phew, but still feel free to go at the F-bombs.