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Bullpen doesn’t do bullpen things, shift doesn’t do shift things, Angels do Buttercup things

Angels drop yet another game to the Twins.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Los Angeles Angels Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Twins 8, Angels 3

It was a nice start.

In fact, after the Trout home run, the Angels scratched across two more runs in the second inning with the help of some timely hitting and a wild pitch. And Trevor Cahill did un-Trevor Cahill-esque things. He pitched well.

And because Cahill pitched well, to restore balance to the universe, the baseball gods willed our bullpen to take a nosedive. Justin Anderson entered the game in the sixth inning with a man aboard. At that time, the Angels were leading 3-0. Anderson threw two pitches, and the game was tied.

Luke Bard did some magical writing in the seventh inning, allowing four runs, although the last two probably weren’t his fault. The shift did the work for the Twins. Before that, this happened:

And then a grounder in between David Fletcher at shortstop and Luis Rengifo at second wrecked havoc. They each could’ve gotten the ball, each chose not to, and the ball rolled on right through. The shift is a good thing, but it did not work tonight.

Noe Ramirez gave up the first major league homer to a guy who hit 6 in about 1500 minor league PAs because bullpen.

In the most surprising moment of the night, Cody Allen was the only Angel pitcher to not give up a run.

P.S. Byron Buxton is good at defense.