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Cesar Puello picks up sad sack Angels bullpen (and probably Wally Pipps the heck out of Mike Trout)

Cesar Puello, the Legend begins

MLB: Spring Training-Los Angeles Angels at Chicago Cubs Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 12, Athletics 7

Baseball is full of moments. Once again, Wednesday, the most amazing moments popped out of nowhere on the baseball field in Oakland, and we are reminded time and time again why we love this game.

It was a sad day for many Angels fans when they saw Mike Trout wouldn’t be playing due do fouling a ball off the top of his foot last night. But have no fear because Cesar Puello has arrived!

But first, Griffin Canning did not disappoint. Perhaps the only negative of his appearance is that the Angels wouldn’t let him go back our for a 7th inning of work at 92 pitches. Canning didn’t walk a single batter. Are Angels pitchers allowed to do that? No wild pitches. No hit batters. Who does this guy think he is?? His final line was 5 Ks, 1 run allowed (off a home run), and 3 hits over 6 innings.

And now back to Puello. Cesar Puello had himself a very memorable game, his first since 2017, reaching base four times, including this monster shot:

Griffin Canning ended up leaving the game with a 5-1 lead but Justin Anderson came in, loaded up the bases, and allowed two runs - making this game look a lot closer than it should have. Ty Buttrey cleaned up the mess.

Honestly, it seems that Buttrey is Brad Ausmus’s ex. Ausmus keeps trying to get in other relationships, giving other pitchers like Cody Allen and Anderson the opportunity to succeed, but at the end of the day, he always comes back to Buttrey, because that’s where the comfort and security is.

Sadly, Buttrey was not available in the 8th inning, so BBB went to Luis Garcia, who gave up a two-run shot to Matt Olson.

Blake Treinen, one of the nastiest closers in the game, entered the tie game in the ninth inning and hit Kole Calhoun. It must have hurt, because then Calhoun did this:

It was...not the greatest of plays.

Luis Rengifo walked on a 3-1 pitch. The umpire decided to call it a strike. Instead of, you know, melting down, Rengifo stroked the next one into the gap, scoring a run.

Then Jared Walsh drove in Rengifo. The Angels were living right.

Until...the pendulum swung back. Hansel Robles came in the game and allowed a solo homer to Mark Canha. And then Jurickson Profar doubled and the A’s scratched him home.

Free baseball.

Boy, we survived Justin Anderson, and then we survived Luis Garcia, and then we survived Hansel Robles, and THEN we survived Noe Ramirez in the 10th, who allowed two baserunners and was very shaky before barely getting out of the inning. And the Angels stepped up to bat.

Well, they didn’t do so much “batting” as they did just innocently bystanding and allowing the A’s to self-destruct. Lou Trivino hit Cesar Puello, Josh Phegley (the hero of last night’s game) allowed two catchable wild pitches, Matt Olson couldn’t field a bunt, and the Angels flared two hits into the outfield for good measure. Nothing hard-hit, and it was good for a 5-spot and a blitz and the win.

I don’t think we’ll ever see Mike Trout again. I think Cesar Puello should start in the outfield now and forever. This Little League lineup, with Trout and Albert Pujols on the bench, put up 12 runs.

This series, the Angels hit a lot of soft contact. The A’s hit a lot of balls hard. The Angels couldn’t pitch. The A’s seemed to blow the Angels away at times. And yet, it is the Angels, despite the odds, flying to Seattle with a series win in Oakland. You play the games, and then you watch the magic happen.




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