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Angels fail so badly in Mexico that fan switches teams

Once with an Angel cap, the fan put on an Astro cap.

MLB: Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels
He’s here for a good time, not for a long time.
Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 2 Astros 14

Baseball is supposed to be amusing, but the most amusing part of the blowout loss to the Astros was a fan.

At first, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. That fan, loyally sporting an Angel cap, snagged a foul ball and decided to give it to another young fan. Bonus points for awesomeness!

But the Angels would not be able to match his awesomeness. Trevor Cahill got the start for the Angels, becoming the first big league starter to start games in 4 different countries, and for his troubles he took his FIP for the year above 7.

In short, a lot of Astros did things that are conducive to winning, such as hitting the baseball hard, hitting the baseball over the fence, and not making outs! Cahill ended his night early, giving up 6 runs in 3.1 innings.

But wait, there’s more! Chris Stratton came on in “relief,” and he proceeded to give up 8 runs in 4 innings. I will say, Stratton should be commended. His perfect 7th inning was the stuff of legend, the only time in the first eight innings that the Astros didn’t score in a frame.

Mike Trout’s on-base streak to start the season ended at 29 games.

So it was such that when Albert Pujols came to the plate and blasted a HR for RBI #1999, that same aforementioned fan had tossed aside his Angel cap and picked up an Astro one. Can we really blame him?