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Tommy La Stella > Jose Altuve: All Star Voting Update

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Altuve is pretty awesome. But Tommy La Stella is awesomer. Don’t believe me? Check in on the first All Star voting update. This isn’t just some fan crazy voting either (see Kansas City Royals). Tommy La Stella DESERVES to be the AL starter at second base, even if this voting order doesn’t stick. Top WAR? Tommy La Stella. Most home runs? La Stella. Best OBP? wRC+? Yea - Tommy La Stella! DJ LeMahieu will certainly give La Stella a run for top vote getter because, you know - MFY. But we know who SHOULD start at second base for the AL. I mean - does the AL want to win the game or what?? Move over Altuve and LeMahieu - there is a new top dog in town.

In other voting news, somehow Jonathan Lucroy is #6 among catchers.

Albert Pujols is #5 at first base - about 110,000 votes behind 2nd place C.J. Cron.

David Fletcher is lagging behind at #9 for 3rd base - over 500,000 votes behind 1st place Alex Bregman.

Andrelton Simmons is #7 for short stops and would probably be a little higher if he weren’t hurt - but the competition is rough there.

Mike Trout is #1 among all outfielders because the world isn’t that dumb.

Kole Calhoun is #20 among outfielders.

Shohei Ohtani is #4 for DH behind some chump named J.D. Martinez, a reborn Hunter Pence, and Nelson “cheater” Cruz.

Full results here