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Angels prevail as Marco Gonzales gets what's comin' to him

Jose Suarez had a solid debut, but the real story is how bad a lefty was against Angels bats

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Marco Gonzales was on the bump for the villainous Washingtonians, so it was all too easy to write off today's game as a bitter shutout loss, possibly even via the dreaded Maddux. Somehow the much-anticipated debut of Jose Suarez not only went relatively smoothly, but he would exit the game with a 10 run lead. You read that right. Marco Gonzales had the best game of his career-- for us.

It was the 2nd inning and it seemed like it just would not and could not stop. Base hit after base hit followed mental errors, walks, and HBPs galore as the Angels came around to score time again. Pujols capped off the scoring with a smash that really never had a chance at NOT going out and just like that, it was 7-0.

The excruciatingly long inning (for Manfred) must have cooled off Suarez a little as he would labor and allow 2 runs. It wouldn't matter when the Angels scored 5 more 3 innings later and another in the 6th.

David Fletcher, Mike Trout, and Luis Rengifo would each reach base 4 times. Whateverhisnameis Garneau would reach 3 times to match Shohei Ohtani (who took the incredibly strange and unlikely way of 3 errors). Pujols would have 5 RBI! LUIS. RENGIFO. HAD. A. HOME. RUN. This was just an incredible offensive explosion against the bane of our existence to back up a 21 year old wide-eyed child making his first ever start and TAKING his first ever win.

Incidentally, all 3 wins this series came against southpaws and the 1 loss was against a RHP. If this team can continue to hit like this against what has, to this point, been kryptonite, the team will be a legitimate threat in the second half.