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DIY WeekEnd HaloLinks

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Ok. I lied. I was supposed to be back in time for today but shyte happens. One last day of DIY, I promise.

You still know what to do, and I have been sampling and I know that you people have been doing great. You really don’t want me commenting this week anyway because it was all about draft choices and prospects and the like. For me, those things are like paper bags left out in the field. Some will get rained on and turn into mush. Some will get too much sun and dry out and crumble away. Some blow away and into some other team’s field, where they get to use it. A select few will land safely under a safe and shady spot where it can live to hold future riches. And since nobody can truly know the weather tomorrow, nobody knows which shall be which. The bag I last argued over still has one tiny shred left in my hand, and i can barely make out the letters ‘R.J. Alvarez’.

Share what you find with a link in the comments. Halo news is always a priority but baseball news from around the country and around the world can be fantastic. Minor League, college, international, great plays and bonehead moments. Google is your friend.

On we go with your version of Baseball-HaloLinks: