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Noé Ramirez suspended 3 games, Brad Ausmus out for 1

MLB has spoken

MLB: JUL 05 Angels at Astros Photo by Juan DeLeon/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Noé Ramirez was fined and saddled with a 3 game suspension. For his “part” in the incident last night, Brad Ausmus was suspended for 1 game as well.

First, 3 games for Ramirez while Marisnick gets 2 for sending a catcher to the hospital? Second, why suspend Ausmus? The only reason is that you KNOW he ordered it (proof is unlikely), or you are sending a message that the manager will be held accountable if a pitcher throws at another player. I haven’t really done the research, but I wonder how many times pitchers have been suspended for throwing at guys in the last few years? Also I wonder, how many of them got 3 days? How many of them also saw the manager suspended?

Regardless, Ausmus will not be managing tonight’s game.


Noe Ramirez’s suspension is:

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