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Mike Trout continues bulldozing Chicago White Sox with fortieth home run; Andrew Heaney pitches quality start

The bullpen nearly blew it.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Los Angeles Angels
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 8, White Sox 7

Let’s get all the riffraff out of the way first. Trevor Cahill is still disappointing. See Bad Guy by Billy Epplish. And Hansel Robles not being warm... Not to say that Andrew Heaney is meaningless, but we all know the main story of the day (and every day on this green earth) is Mike Trout.

Heaney threw a good game for him, but if you look at the line, it’s near identical to what he’s been doing. Seven solid innings of three run ball, not walking anyone, striking out six, and allowing two home runs, both to Jose Abreu. Against a better team. Those two home runs either turn into three or four or come with multiple runners on. It was a good, efficient outing, but the important thing for Heaney remains duplicating his success for the rest of the season and staying healthy.

Justin Upton also homered! He drilled one to center after Shohei Ohtani reached on an error to extend the inning. He’s only crushing mistakes, but that’s the start! Soon he could be back at full power.

Sidenote: The Official Angels Twitter remains one of the worst in Major League Baseball. The Rockies, the Marlins, even the Nationals are doing amazing work, and then we have the Angels. Just wait until the Trout caption.

So you’re facing Mike Trout. He has a career 1.071 OPS against your team, and destroyed James Shields into not getting a contract last year. Baseball Brit is watching:

What else can this guy do against you? We start with the infield single in the first. He flicks one out to second and beats the throw. In the third, after Max Stassi and Brian Goodwin go down in order, he has strength to get this out:

Also caption. Lesigh.

In the fifth, he flicks one over the head of Tim Anderson at short, and it’s another single. He lines one to left in the seventh, and the White Sox have had enough. He’s walked on four pitches in the eighth. The fans boo. Mike Trout doesn’t care. He’s singled, homered, and walked.

He managed to do the one thing the naysayers were criticizing him for doing while doing the things they were criticizing him for not doing.

No one is surprised. It’s Mike freaking Trout.

Just for kicks, Trout speed:

Oh and, he tracked a flyball down nicely early in the game. What a stud. What an MVP.

Cue the elephants.

Fun for the day: