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Luis Rengifo homers, Trevor Cahill marches towards incentive bonus while Angels fall to Astros

It is a noble pursuit, to be sure.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Astros 5, Angels 2

By now, it’s very clear that the Houston Astros are currently miles ahead of the Los Angeles Angels. If last night’s postgame-less didn’t alert you to that fact, surely tonight’s did. We must continue to take what moral victories we can for the remaining part of the season. No, neither Mike Trout nor Shohei Ohtani homered. But let’s consider for what else we can cheer.

Like Luis Rengifo’s home run! It was scorched out to a deep part of Minute Maid for a 420+ feet launch.

I mean, when Rengifo gets a hold of one, it goes a long way.

Mike Trout couldn’t come through with the bases loaded and two outs, leading to this exchange:

Meanwhile, during this argument, all Mike Trout did was sausage a single into the open part of a field, driving in a run during an AB with RISP. What a dude.

Oh yes, and we can’t forget about Trevor Cahill on the march towards 100 innings. He pitched 2.1 scoreless, if not very shaky (two hits and two walks), today, and that brings his season total to 89.1. Under eleven innings to go, Trevor! You can do it! Earn that bonus!

In the end, Michael Brantley hit a two-run home run and Alex Bregman hit a three-run home run off Dillon Peters, so the result was never really in doubt.

What can you do? Just a fun Saturday night game!