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Commander Eppler’s Tank (Or an Update on Ineptler’s Angels Team) (8/7/2019)

The Angels currently sit in 12th.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Cincinnati Reds
This team is making Ohtani sad.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Angels are in a little bit of a free fall, having lost six straight games. The pitching is in shambles and doesn’t show any signs of getting better. The good bullpen pieces are falling apart. With that being said, it’s time for the first TANK WATCH of the 2019 season.

Thanks to nifty little site Tankathon (basically just reverse standings), loyal fans of Commander Eppler’s tank job can track how we are doing compared to the competition. Such teams as Baltimore and Detroit (although we successfully mastered the art of the tank against them) likely cannot be caught, but we should still attempt to improve our position as best as we can.

The Angels

The Angels are really scuffling. Their next three series are as follows:

4 @ Boston

3 vs. Pittsburgh

4 vs. White Sox

Analysis: Boston is struggling, so it will be a matchup of the super struggling teams. Pittsburgh and Chicago (AL) are both ahead of the Angels in the tank race, so it will be a critical race to pick up some key games.

The Competition

Arizona (1.5 games “back”):

1 vs. Philadelphia

3 @ Los Angeles (NL)

3 @ Colorado

4 vs. San Francisco

San Francisco (0.5 games “back”):

1 vs. Washington

4 vs. Philadelphia

2 vs. Oakland

4 @ Arizona

Cincinnati (0.5 games “ahead”):

4 vs. Chicago (NL)

3 @ Washington

4 vs. St. Louis

San Diego (2.5 games “ahead”):

1 @ Seattle

4 vs. Colorado

3 vs. Tampa Bay

3 @ Philadelphia

Colorado (3 games “ahead”):

1 @ Houston

4 @ San Diego

3 vs. Arizona

3 vs. Miami