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Come on in and share your baseball news!

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Cleveland Indians Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I know. This is getting to be a habit! Here I am taking time off AGAIN! Don’t I have a day job that I am responsible for? What the hell is this thing about me never being around, anyway?

Ha Ha! Yeah. Life is good.

I am technically only obligated to do 8 of these a month, so I am way past my quota. I can afford to live it up with greater frequency as I orbit in towards my eventual retirement. And that is precisely what I am doing.

Off with a group of friends where we will be doing a college football game in South Bend, a Cubs game in Wrigley Field, a little bit of tourist shit, and some major Tiki checkboxes, I won’t be back until next week.

For those thinking of attempting to raid my home while I am absent, I am legally obligated to inform you that my property is left in the capable paws of a four-legged demon. He looks cute, cuddly and innocent, but Satan dwells behind his big brown eyes. You have been warned.

So you people know what to do. Gather up interesting and fun and informative tidbits from around the baseball-o-sphere and share them with your beer buddies, and don’t forget to have some fun.

Roll on with Active-Participation-HaloLinks: