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Ushering in a new era of Angels baseball

The announced attendance was 35,753.

Indians 6, Angels 2

The Angels allegedly had 35,753 fans come out to watch the game on Monday night.

Halos Heaven did some exclusive snooping to determine whether or not this was the case. Investigative journalists Rahul Setty and Rick Souddress snuck into Angel Stadium with high-resolutions cameras (read: iPhones) and tried to blend in (read: wore Angel shirts) to do some serious analysis (read: take a photo and haphazardly count heads) to get down to the bottom of this attendance scandal.

After studying the crowds for three whole hours and doing their best to ignore the product on the field (read: Angels losing once again), they submitted their report. They couldn’t agree on the figure, which makes their analysis more real. If they had just phoned in the night and made up a figure, it would have matched. They would have covered up their non-work. No, folks. They did real work there tonight. Rahul’s report said eight thousand. Rick’s said ten thousand.

Albert Pujols cranked a home run, as did Jared Walsh for his first career one.

The Indians matched the Angels with two homers, but theirs came with runners on. Dang, they win. Sad.