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New Years Day 2020 Halo Links

May we have better luck this time


Welcome to 2020, Halos Heaven. This is a year of great change and not in a good way. I don't know how much longer we can stick around, but until we are kicked out, let's have some links.

Jon Bois Caps off the decade with the least consequential athletes of the 2010’s (argue about year zero in the comments respectfully) which is here because Mike Trout is on it. (And argue about THAT respectively please)

Jo Adell made it on the cover of baseball America for 2020

Even more pitchers off the board that the Angels could have afforded

But hey, Edwin Jackson is still available and so is Granderson

Most influential Japanese players in MLB history even if there were more that played in the MLB Ohtani still would have made the list

Current available pitchers and catchers according to Fangraphs there aren't many decent ones left

Fielding Bible all decade team yes Simba made it

Anything else that was missed? Leave it in the comments and get greened