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LA Angels News: Hump Links

Stuff happened you guys

World Series - Washington Nationals v Houston Astros - Game Six Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

It is Wednesday, one day closer to spring. Which we all know means baseball will be here soon.

Some Angels news

Angel pitchers were bad last year. Really bad. Having an over 6 Era in opener games doesn't look good. Not that the opener was at fault. The Angels pitching is just that bad. Remember, that total includes the no hitter.

That's worse than Cahill last year.

Which is why Angels traded for more pitching! His name is Matt Andriese and he is replacement level.

Cheating, cheating, and more cheating

Actions Monday by Manfred are still being evaluated around baseball. Rival executives do not think there was enough punishment.

While espn asks, was it too harsh? Stephen A Smith is weird though as he also says the Astros should lose the 2017 world series title. And he isn't the only one.

The can of worms that the Astros opened up by getting caught using technology to cheat has called into question how widespread it is. Which Logan Morrison has already said includes the Dodgers and Yankees.

Not only that but the Astros have been cheating since 2014 according to Morrison.

Could he be the next Fiers and make baseball’s newest scandal seem even worse? Well players do not seem so positive about Fiers right now so that may be dangerous.

Speaking of other teams that could be doomed, the Red Sox will be proactive and have fired Cora.

Pete Rose says Astros did worse than he ever did. He is biased though, seeing how he is banned from baseball and everything.

Yankees minor league team giving away trash cans. If the Trash Pandas don't do something similar someone needs to be fired.

Some non cheating news

Donaldson is off the board, to the Twins 4/92M

Braves renaming stadium to Truist Park. For 22 years.

Kansas City is looking into retractable roofing. If it means no more snowouts when the Angels play there, do it.

Expos author wants to speed up domestic violence punishments in mlb didn't know they still had writers.

Rockies still look to trade Nolan maybe. Makes me appreciate Arte more since he will never let Trout get traded.

Speculation on Bryant to Arizona maybe in the works.

Bruce Botchy is interested in the Astros opening but will wait out 2020. I don't know why anyone with that much to lose would want to even go near Houston at this point.