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2020 HOF Announcement

Larry Walker and some guy named Jeter

2019 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

The Hall of Fame announced their inductees for 2020. The BBWAA has inducted Derek Jeter and Larry Walker. Rockies, Canada, and Foolish Baseball rejoice. Smallest class since 2016 when only two players were voted in. This is the first Rockies HOF player.

Unsurprisingly, the coverage and highlights of the announcement was Jeter focused on MLB Network and He is the 13th first ballot HOFer in the last 7 years, The most over any stretch in the HOF voting history.

Here are the results with vote totals.

Jeter didn’t get 100%. Bonds and Clemons are still not quite there and are running out if time. Omar Vizquel has gotten a ton of votes for a borderline player and the writers love him more than Andruw Jones.

Expect insufferable Jeter coverage the first half of the season leading up to the ceremony.