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LA Angels Humpday Links

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MLB: Cleveland Indians at Los Angeles Angels Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

And just like that we’re in the middle of the week. Let’s do this three day weekend thing more often.

The biggest news of Tuesday was the Hall of Fame class of 2020. Good looking class. And predictably Holy St. Jete was voted in first ballot and fawned over due to playing horrible defense in NY. Heaven forbid we realize he has nearly the same WAR as Alan Trammell, who didn’t make it in until the Veteran’s Committee.

The one surprise is that Jeter was not elected unanimously like his teammate Mariano Rivera. Perhaps he forgot to send a writer a gift basket.

I kid, a bit. Jeter was at the center of many of the most memorable moments in baseball in my 20s and 30s. And his play on the field might be secondary to his play off it.

In a bit of a surprise, at least to him, Larry Walker made the cut in his final year on the ballot. He’s the second Canadian born player in the Hall, joining the illustrious Ferguson Jenkins (who I’ve met on a couple of occasions and is a great guy).

As usual, Fangraphs does an excellent job breaking down this year’s class and looking to the future.

The Angels did not have a HOF’er. I think we will again, soon.

I expect Mr. Mike Scioscia to join this group in a few years. Take a look at what got those guys into the Hall and compare it to what Mike Scioscia did at the helm of the Angels and there’s an obvious fit. Add in the genuine respect the baseball community has for Mike, and I can see a second Halo in Cooperstown soon.

There’s been a ton of HOF coverage elsewhere, but other things happened in baseball too.

Our neighbors to the north had a fun but meaningless day. The LA City Council unanimously voted to ask MLB to award the Dodgers two World Series titles they did not win. I wonder if the style but no substance LA folk will go full bore and have a parade. Maybe they’ll make their own trophy. Come on LA, give us something to really laugh at.

Statcast darling Marcell Ozuna landed with the Braves on a 1 year, $18 million deal. He’ll head to camp with recently signed Felix Hernandez, who is on a minor league deal and trying to prove he’s not yet finished.

For my money, King Felix is a Hall of Famer five years after he hangs it up.

The marriage between Nolan Arenado and the Colorado Rockies is going south quickly. He says the team is failing to live up to its promises to spend and compete. The Rockies say they won’t trade their star, but that isn’t preventing several writers and fan bases from wanting to swoop in while the price might be low. LA for one, and the two NL East rivals who missed on Donaldson.

Drama right before Spring Training. Can’t be good.

There won’t be a bigger drama show in early 2020 than the Houston Asterisks. Boos, beanballs, taunts from fans....they should expect it all and then some on the road. The team hosted a fan event where resident third baseman said the team’s actions will speak louder than their words. But will they be louder than the trash can?

It appears the Giants like claiming and cutting Angels players as much as the Angels like cutting those players. Jake Jewell, picked up when SF DFA’d Zack Cozart, has now been DFA’d himself as the Giants claimed Luis Madero from the Angels. That’s our #11 prospect gone.

Big Announcement: Fan favorite and longtime friend of Halos Heaven David Fletcher will have his jersey number retired by his high school on Saturday. The festivities start at 10:30 AM with an autograph and picture session then moves to an alumni game.

I’ll be there catching up with his dad, so please come out and say “hi” and support high school baseball if you can.