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LA Angels: Wed nes day links

Our links... In the Middle of the week.

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97th annual New York Baseball Writers’ Dinner Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Baseball news in late January is like winter. It doesn't really exist here much.

There is this one tidbit though. Angels have some top 100 international ss prospects! (Of 2019) Sure they are super young and may end up not amounting to anything, but this means Billy Epplier actually did something and had actual international signings? Is this real life?

World baseball classic to expand the amount of teams to 20. And actual good players will still not likely to play.

Umpires will actually have a mic in games now. Sure it is crew chiefs only and for replay only but hey, it is a start.

Looks like gamblers have filed a class action lawsuit vs mlb. Is Pete Rose in that?

Astros, as punishment for cheating, you are henceforth burdened with Dusty Baker. The punishment does fit the crime indeed.

As with the new draft rules state that the Angels still keep their first round pick, keep an eye on this list of top college players. Hopefully Billy drafts an arm this time.

Even wrestling fans rip on the Astros. That is a good sign.

Bowtie is suggesting that universal dh may come in 2022. I like baseball as it is now. Why have two leagues if they have the same rules anyway? Looking at you football.

Really want baseball? Australia has playoffs on right now. That it is even happening still despite everything going on down under surprises me.

Mookie Betts wants 12/420M. So that's why Boston wants to trade him. Glad Arte abs Billy got Trout extended.

Oh yeah. And Mike Trout has his third mvp which brings his career shares to 6th all time. He was at the award dinner with a bunch of other people and looked nice like the photo up top.

That's all I have for today. Feel free to post more down below for that sweet rec.