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Midweek Links

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Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Cheaters, cheaters everywhere. In a town known for sports teams using technology to win titles, the Boston Red Sox join their football buddies by cheating. Both franchises now await punishment for their misdeeds.

Punishment should be coming soon for the Houston Astros and their pitch tipping trash can. MLB expects to wrap up their long review in the next couple of weeks.

The fact these two teams beat our crosstown rivals in back to back World Series almost makes me feel sympathy for the Dodgers and is definitely being noticed by the LA media and their fans.


Closer to home, the Angels made the signing of Jason Castro official. His roster spot went to the often DFA’d Aldaberto Meija who is once again DFA’d.

Perhaps getting overlooked due to the Major League moves, Billy Eppler and crew were also busy in 2019-2020 international signing period. Baseball America states the Angels snagged two of the best shortstops available and some interesting pitching talent.

SI is till around and thinks 2 under rated available free agents would fit well on the Angels. I think we’ve already surpassed Chacin and Nova with Teheran and Bundy but did advocate to bring in one guy off that list, who they think belongs on the Yanks.

And the Yankees aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Fresh off of flexing their financial muscle in a record deal to the object of Angels fans desires, they will have over $43 million fall off the books after this year. Some will be offset by arbitration raises, but for the most part the old days of the Yankees getting who the Yankees want look to be coming back.

Elsewhere, the White Sox continued having the off season the Angels should have had and added Steve Chisek to their bullpen mix. An elite catcher, a top of the rotation arm, a solid innings eater, and now an arm for the bullpen. Its like they took our wish list and fulfilled it.

And for those of you wanting to trade for Clevinger, take a look at his video game numbers and his salary. Then take a look at the Angels top 30 prospects. It isn’t happening without gutting what is an already shallow system. But quality costs quality.

Cool find on Ebay. An unused Yanks at Angels ticket from 1962. Chavez Ravine, Home of the Angels. And look at that interlocking L and A logo, modified just a bit from the one the Dodgers stole.