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Which number will the Angels retire next?

I have a good guess


Over the course of the franchise’s history, the Angels have retired only six numbers. Jim Fregosi’s No. 11 in 1998 was the last number retired by the team.

Of the six numbers retired, only three actually suited up for the Angeles. Fregosi’s No. 11, Nolan Ryan’s No. 30 and Rod Carew’s No. 29. The Angels also retired the No. 26 for original owner Gene Autry, meaning he was the organization’s 26th man. They also retired the No. 50 for Jimmie Reese, a coach who was with the organization for a long time. The sixth and final is Jackie Robinson.

Rhett Bollinger of wrote about who we could see having their number retired by the Angels next. His answers won’t surprise you.

This brings up a great question, though. Aside from Mike Trout who will definitely have his number retired, who are some Angels players/coaches you would like to see eventually have their number retired by the organization?