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No. 99: Greatest Angels of All-Time: Mark Eichorn

One of the better relievers in team history

Mark Eichorn

Mark Eichorn

Time with Angels: 1990-1992, 1996

Stats: 8-14, 2.81 ERA, 16 saves, 184 strikeouts, 146 ERA+, 2.76 FIP, 1.24 WHIP,

Baseball Reference WAR: 5.7

FanGraphs WAR: 5.6

Combined WAR: 5.65

After spending time with the Blue Jays and Braves, Mark Eichorn came to the Angels in 1990. He appeared in 60 games during his first season, finishing with a career-best 13 saves.

Eichorn’s best season came in 1991. He appeared in 70 games, posting an ERA of 1.98. His ERA was the second lowest in the majors that year, and the lowest in the American League. In addition, his ERA+ of 208 was the best of pitchers who appeared in at least 70 games.

During the 1992 season, Eichorn was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays. He eventually ended up back on the Angels, appearing in 24 games in 1996. That would be the final season of his career.

Eichorn is one of three pitchers in franchise history to appear in at least 196 games while having an ERA of below 2.81.

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