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Angels links: Jim Edmonds, Hall of Fame, Ty Buttrey

Comparing Edmonds with contemporary center fielder Andruw Jones.

California Angels centerfielder Jim Edmonds reache Photo credit should read TED MATHIAS/AFP via Getty Images

A Twitter poll saw an overwhelming majority pick former Angels outfielder Jim Edmonds when asked who was better between him and Andruw Jones. David Laurila at FanGraphs wrote about the two center fielders:

Is the aforementioned defensive edge enough to elevate Jones over Edmonds in a “Who was better?” debate? The 4,000-plus people who voted in the poll apparently think so. Whether you agree or not, both have a legitimate Hall of Fame case… which isn’t to say the electorate at hand concurs. Jones has gained little traction, and Edmonds — the wholly under-appreciated Edmonds — was flat out snubbed in his lone year on the ballot.

Edmonds received just 2.5 percent of the vote from the BBWAA in 2016, and fell off the Hall of Fame ballot for failing to reach the required five-percent threshold.