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No. 96: Greatest Angels of All-Time: Jim McGlothlin

An All-Star in 1967

Jim McGlothlin - California Angels

Jim McGlothlin

Time with Angels: 1965-1969

Stats: 33-43, 3.37 ERA, 692 13 IP, 418 SO, 94 ERA+, 3.37 FIP, 1.21 WHIP, 22 CG’s

Baseball Reference WAR: 4.3

FanGraphs WAR: 7.5

Combined WAR: 5.9

Jim McGlothin spent the first five seasons of his career with the Angels. He made 110 starts, though most of those came during the final three years he spent with the team. From 1967 through 1969, he made 96 starts for the Angels.

Though he wasn’t the top pitcher in the game, he was easily in the running for being one of the top 20 starters in baseball. His ERA of 3.23 during those three years was the 21st best in baseball among starters. His FIP of 3.30 was 20th, and his ERA+ of 97 was 23rd.

McGlothlin was an All-Star in 1967, the only time he was named to the All-Star team during his career. He went 12-8 with a 2.96 ERA that season. The 23-year-old had nine complete games and a league-leading six shutouts.

24 pitchers have started 110 games for the Angels in franchise history. Here is where McGlothlin ranks:

  • 3.37 ERA (7th)
  • 3.37 FIP (5th)

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