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A team of 26 Mike Trouts

Not the results you’d think

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@Chris_Cwik / Twitter

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your team had a Mike Trout? What about two? How about TWENTY-SIX?

Chris Cwik from Yahoo created a full 26-man roster on MLB The Show 20 that consisted of 26 Trout’s. You can read more about how that went here, but here’s something that you should know. That team lost 50 games in a row. Yeah, I’m shocked as well.


Employees of Major League Baseball teams are participating in a massive study that will test up to 10,000 people for coronavirus antibodies and should offer researchers a better sense of how widespread the disease is in major metropolitan areas across the United States, although doctors caution that the data gathered is not expected to hasten the game’s return.

According to The Athletic, 27 of 30 teams will be participating. The Angels will be one of of the teams participating, according to Fabian Ardaya.