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No. 95: Greatest Angels of All-Time: Chad Curtis


Chad Curtis

Time with Angels: 1992-1994

Stats: .268/.342/.378/.720, 27 HR, 155 RBI, 116 SB, 64 2B, 93 OPS+

Baseball Reference WAR: 6.4

FanGraphs WAR: 5.4

Combined WAR: 5.9

Drafted by the Angels in the 45th round of the 1989 MLB Amateur Draft, Chad Curtis spent the first three seasons of his career with the Angels.

Curtis was a really good contact hitter with a lot of speed. Curtis stole 116 bases in only three years with the Angels, which is the ninth most in team history. He stole 43 bases during his rookie season, the 13th most ever in a season. Curtis followed that up by stealing 48 bases the following year, the ninth most in a single season.

He’s one of five players in team history to have at least 40 stolen bases and 160 hits in a single season. During his 1993 season, Curtis had 48 stolen bases and 166 hits.

In 1995, Curtis was traded to the Detroit Tigers for Tony Phillips.

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