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Angels news: Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani, diapers & masks

Trout prepares for his first child, coming this summer.

From Marquee Sports Network

Angels superstar center fielder Mike Trout was a guest on the debut episode of “Off the Mound with Ryan Dempster” Friday on the Marquee Sports Network, the new television home of the Cubs, and was given a unique tutorial on how to put a diaper on a baby.

“I think any advice or anything you can give me to help me out, I need it,” Trout told Dempster.

Trout and his wife Jessica are expecting a baby boy this summer, and Dempster used a plastic doll to show Trout how to properly diaper an infant. Trout didn’t have a baby doll, but rather a stuffed rabbit doll to practice on. The best part of the video was probably when Trout’s wife could be heard laughing as she handed him the container with all the materials, including the rabbit.

After brief instruction, Trout was a quick learner, getting the diaper on the rabbit doll before Dempster finished his explanation. Trout said it was the first diaper he has ever put on.

Though Trout’s naiveté showed when, after getting the diaper on, he noted, “She left me these wipes. I forgot to wipe the bunny, but I think it will be fine.”