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No. 8 — Mike Trout Cycle Bobblehead

Our first Trout bobblehead of the list

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We move on to number eight on our list. It seems like over the last five or so years, every bobblehead the Angels have done has been Mike Trout, so we were bound to get to him on this list sooner rather than later. Since 2013, Trout has had TEN bobblehead giveaways. As I mentioned in the honorable mentions post, Trout can get a top 10 of his own!

Mike Trout — Hits for cycle

As I mentioned in the first article, you will be seeing a lot of Mike Trout bobbleheads on these lists, and for good reason. He’s the best player in baseball, and he’s been honored with a number of bobbleheads.

The one we’ll be talking about today was given out in April of 2014, paying tribute to when he hit for the cycle.

This bobblehead shows Trout hatless and holding up his right index finger, with a silver base that represents his Silver Slugger Award and different figurines to depict how he got each of the four legs of his cycle.

Trout reached on an infield single in the third inning, hit an RBI triple in the fourth, a three-run double in the sixth, and finally a home run in the eighth inning to complete the cycle.

“Most of my bobbleheads in the past haven’t really looked like me,” Trout said to “But I guess it kind of does, sort of. I have a big head. I don’t know if that’s my hair. But I like it. I’m not complaining. I’m just happy I have a bobblehead.”

“I think it’s actually pretty accurate, surprisingly,” Garrett Richards said. “Most bobbleheads you see, there’s one or two things you see where you’re like, ‘Nah, that doesn’t look like him.’ But that’s pretty accurate, with the wrist tape and the cleats, the color of the hair. I think it’s pretty spot on. I think that’s more accurate than usual.”

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Honorable mentions

No. 10 — Matt Shoemaker

No. 9 — Bobby Grich

No. 7 — Albert Pujols — 600 HR

What Angels bobblehead giveaway is your favorite? Comment below!