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No. 91: Greatest Angels of All-Time: Paul Hartzell


Paul Hartzel

Time with Angels: 1976-1978

Stats: 21-26, 3.27 ERA, 18 CG, 12 SV, 512 13 IP, 185 SO, 111 ERA+, 3.47 FIP, 1.28 WHIP

Baseball Reference WAR: 6.4

FanGraphs WAR: 6.0

Combined WAR: 6.2

Paul Hartzell played three of his six big-league seasons with the Angels. He debuted for them in 1976, and was with the team through 1978, before leaving to play for the Twins.

During his time with the Angels, he was used as both a starter and a reliever. He appeared in 132 games and made 50 total starts. His first season was probably his best, as he had career-high numbers across the board, including a 2.77 ERA and 120 ERA+.

During his rookie season, Hartzel made 15 starts and came out of the bullpen in 22 games. He was slightly better as a starter, posting a 2.64 ERA compared to 3.00 out of the pen. Nearly half of his starts were complete games, as he had seven during his rookie year.

The following season he appeared in 41 games and started 23 of them, eight more than the previous season. Though his ERA was down from the previous season (3.57), he improved on his strikeout and walk numbers, and had a better WHIP than the year before.

In 1978, he saw an increase an appearances, but took on more of a reliever role. He appeared in 54 games, but only made 12 starts. Though he only made 12 starts, five of them were complete games. When he started his ERA was nearly four, and it was a whole run better (3.09) when he came out of the bullpen.

Hartzell is one of 39 pitchers in franchise history to throw at least 512 innings. Here’s where he ranks:

  • 18 complete games (19th)
  • 12 saves (8th)
  • 3.27 ERA (8th)
  • 3.47 FIP (9th)
  • 5.7 walk percentage (1st)
  • 111 ERA+ (12th)

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