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No. 7 — Albert Pujols reaches 600 homers

Tribute to an incredible milestone


We move to the No. 7 bobblehead in our countdown. This next bobblehead pays tribute to an accomplishment only a handful of players have ever accomplished in major-league history.

On June 3, 2017, Albert Pujols became the ninth player in baseball history to reach the 600 home run milestone. He was also the fourth youngest to reach it. Pujols did it in grand fashion, too, as he hit a grand slam, becoming the first ever to have their 600th career homer be a grand slam.

The Angels were well prepared for the milestone, as they gave out a bobblehead commemorating the moment later that season.

The bobblehead shows him pointing into the stands right after he crossed home plate. Behind him is a sign that the Angels had set up in deep center field, that has a list of the best home run hitters in baseball history. On the right, it has a list of the top home run hitters in order. On the left, the Angels had a home run counter set up, where they’d add one after every home run he hit.

Zack Hample / Youtube

I love it when bobbleheads incorporate different things into one bobblehead. Had this just been Pujols pointing, it wouldn’t have cracked the top 10. But having the sign behind him, and the spot-on detail, it makes this bobblehead that much better, and worthy of being in the top 10.

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