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100 greatest seasons in Angels history

Let the fun begin

85th MLB All Star Game Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

A few days ago, I posted an article going over a new series where I am going to be ranking the 100 greatest players in Angels history. With that series beginning tomorrow, I thought I’d preview another series that will be debuting tomorrow as well.

The 100 greatest seasons in Angels history.

With nearly 60 years of history, there have been a lot of great individual seasons, and I’m going to be ranking them from 100 all the way down to one.

Just like my other series, these rankings will be based off of WAR from Baseball Reference and FanGraphs. I will be taking the WAR from both sites, combining the two, and ranking them based off of the average.

With these being posted daily, this series will run through nearly the end of July. Hopefully by the time I reach the end, we will have a baseball season.