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No. 5 — Nolan Ryan

One of the greatest pitchers ever

We resume our countdown of the greatest bobbleheads the Angels have ever given away. Today, this list will honor one of the greatest pitchers in major-league history, Nolan Ryan.

The Angels gave this bobblehead away in 2017.

For the most part, it’s nothing too special, but I had to get Ryan in this countdown. Overall, it’s pretty basic as it replicates his windup, and the detail on his face isn’t the best. However, seeing the throwback Angels uniforms on a bobblehead is what helps bump this up the list. With most of the bobblehead giveaways being in the current uniforms, this one stands out.

Ryan pitched for the Angels from 1972 through 1979, where he went 138-121 with an ERA of 3.07. In 2,181 13 innings, he struck out 2,416.

Honorable mentions

No. 10 — Matt Shoemaker

No. 9 — Bobby Grich

No. 8 — Mike Trout — Cycle

No. 7 — Albert Pujols — 600 HR

No. 6 — Mike Trout “Double” MVP