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Mike Trout home run daily: Going deep at Yankee Stadium

Taking Dellin Betances deep

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v New York Yankees

Welcome back to the Mike Trout home run daily, where we relive every single home run of Mike Trout’s career, one game at a time. We use a random number generator to pick each game, and today takes us to 2013 against the Yankees.

On August 13, 2013, the Angels were at Yankee Stadium on a Tuesday night, the middle game of a midweek series against the Yankees.

Trout helped the Angels have hope early, walking in the first inning then scoring on a home run by Mike Trumbo against CC Sabathia. That lead lasted until the fifth inning, but then things got out of hand. New York scored at least once in every inning from the fourth through the eighth, and by the time Trout batted against Dellin Betances in the ninth inning the Yankees led by 10 runs.

Trout made the deficit seven with a three-run shot just over the right field wall. Scroll to 4:58 in this video to watch:

The Angels lost, 14-7. It was Trout’s 21st home run of the season, though it had been over three weeks since the last time he homered in a win. This was the 56th home run of Trout’s career.