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You can buy Angels face coverings to help raise money for charity

Proceeds from the sale of MLB masks will support Feeding America and Food Banks Canada


If you’re out and about, wearing a mask can risk your exposure to the coronavirus. Now, you can show your Angels fandom while doing so, and raise money for a good cause in the process.

FOCO has teamed up with Major League Baseball to make team-specific face coverings. The Angels offering is a three-pack, with one red mask with “Angels” on the front, a blue mask full of tiny red “A”s, and a combo red/blue mask with a larger “A” on the front. Buying these masks can help feed people during the pandemic.

NOTE: MLB and FOCO will support Feeding America and Food Banks Canada by donating all MLB proceeds from the sales of these licensed face covering. The face coverings will ship no later than June 15.