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Have you ever caught a ball at a game?

What’s the closest you’ve come?

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Yesterday I posted a video to my Twitter account from a Dodgers game in 2012. It was an A.J. Ellis walkoff homer against the Astros. I had my phone out with the hopes of recording a Dodgers win. Instead, I nearly missed catching the game-winning home run.

With me coming within a few seats of catching this home run, I thought this would be a fun question to ask. What’s the closest you’ve ever come to catching a home run or a foul ball at a baseball game? I’ve caught my fair share of homers in batting practice, but I’ve never gotten a ball during a game.

So, if you have any great stories of coming close to catching one, or of you actually catching one, share them in the comments!