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Bobblehead No. 3 — Mike Scioscia

The former Angels manager

LA Times

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I love when bobbleheads are unique and make them one-of-a-kind. The Angels did that with this Mike Scioscia bobblehead giveaway in 2018.

The Angels paid tribute to their longtime manager with this awesome bobblehead. This one shows Scioscia leaning over the edge of the dugout. As opposed to a simple one of him just standing, they decided to get creative. I absolutely love it when bobbleheads add something like a dugout, or an outfield wall, really making it stand out.

In addition, him having the lineup card in his hand is an added bonus as opposed to just his two hands with nothing in them. They also made sure to have him wearing his signature Angels jacket, where as every bobblehead has a player in their jersey.

Overall, extremely well done from top to bottom.

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