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MLB submits 72-game season to MLBPA

The latest offer

MLB: APR 24 ANGEL STADIUM Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

According to multiple outlets, the MLB has a new proposal for the MLBPA. The latest proposal is for a 72-game season with players receiving 70 percent of prorated salaries for the regular season and 80 percent if the postseason is completed.

The deadline for the players to reach an agreement is Sunday, but based on tweets we’ve seen from a handful of players, it’s unlikely they will reach a deal.

Per Ken Rosenthal, the offer yet again includes an option to suspend draft-pick comp for the 2020-21 offseason. Within 48 hours of approval, the MLB would announce a timeline for the resumption of the season, with spring training lasting at least three weeks. All players would have the right to opt out. High-risk would be paid.

Additionally, the MLB proposal also includes expanded postseason that could feature as many as eight teams per league. If the postseason is completed, the players would receive the equivalence of 83 percent of prorated salaries, including additional money from postseason pool.

In regards to what the rosters could potentially look like under this proposal, here’s what Jeff Passan had to add.

Under this 72-game proposal, that allows 76 days to complete the season. Though there isn’t any information on how they’d fit all those games in, you’d have to assume it would feature a good amount of double-headers.

The MLB looks to be set on having the season end before October, due to their television deals for postseason baseball.

As mentioned, the players have until Sunday to accept or reject the current offer.