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Mike Trout home run daily: Smell baseball

Trout homered in his first at-bat against former teammate Ervin Santana, in 2013.

Angels v Royals John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Welcome back to the Mike Trout home run daily, where we delve into every single home run of Mike Trout’s career, one game at a time. Today’s random number generator takes us to Kansas City on May 23, 2013.

This was Ervin Santana’s first game against his old team, after pitching with the Angels for eight seasons. Trout, his teammate the year before, greeted Santana rudely, hitting his fifth pitch of the game for his 10th homer of the season, crushed to center field:

This was the 10th home run of the season for Trout, and the 45th of his career. Trout homered seven times in Santana starts in 2012, and once in 2011.

He also singled and scored in the eighth, helping the Angels to a 5-4 win.

This was a particularly torrid stretch for Trout, who hit for the cycle two days earlier. This was the third of five straight games in which Trout scored two runs. That’s tied with four others for the longest streak of the 2010s in MLB.

In Angels history, the only streak of 2-run games longer that Trout was by Don Baylor, who did so in seven straight games in his MVP season of 1979.