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The greatest uniform in Angels history is....

We have a winner!

Baseball Player Nolan Ryan

Over the last few months, thousands of you have voted as we have tried to determine what the greatest uniform in Angels history is. We started with 16 different jerseys, and we finally have a champion.

Receiving 69 percent of the vote in the championship, Angels fans have decided that the greatest uniforms in franchise history are the home uniforms from 1976-1992.

You can check out the results from the championship here.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, as these uniforms always ran away with the vote in every matchup. The fans loved these so much, they almost went up against the road version of these in the championship. There was a tie in the final four, so I took to Twitter to decide which uniform would go on. The blue alternates barely won, advancing to the final.

Overall, I would have to agree that these are the best uniforms in franchise history. When you think of the Angels, and had to think of a jersey from their history, I can almost guarantee this would be the one that immediately comes to mind.

Thank you to everyone who voted over the last few months, this was a lot of fun!

If you have any ideas similar to this you’d like to see an article series on in the future, drop a comment below!

If you’d like to take a look back at all 16 uniforms that made this bracket, click here to check it out.