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Bobblehead No. 1 — Mike Trout wall catch

The best has the best

We’ve reached the final spot on our countdown for the greatest bobblehead in Angels history. This is a very fitting No. 1 spot. Not only is he the greatest player in franchise history, Mike Trout is also the recipient of the greatest bobblehead the Angels have ever given away.

This bobblehead was given out in 2013, the year after Trout won American League Rookie of the Year. This was the first Trout bobblehead the team ever gave out, and it’s a good one.

The bobblehead recreates his incredible catch during his rookie season on the road at Baltimore. In case you need to refresh your memory, here’s the play.

The Angels did a great job with the detail of this bobblehead. I love how they have him robbing the home run, making it a unique and original and one-of-a-kind for your Angels collection. The yellow wall is a great touch. It would have been even better if they could have gotten some of the Southwest script, but that’s okay.

The gold Rookie of the Year plaque looks really good too and is a nice addition. Overall, this is how bobbleheads should be. Clever, unique, and something that every bobblehead collector would want to have. I’m sure a lot of Angels fans have this one, but there’s probably a lot of baseball fans that have this because of how well the Angels made it.

Well, that wraps up my countdown. Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in over the last few months and checked these out. If you missed any of them, here are links to where you can find every post.

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