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No. 76: Greatest Angels of All-Time: Jerry Remy

He was the best at stealing bases, and getting thrown out while doing so

Jerry Remy

Time with Angels: 1975-1977

Stats: .258/.315/.319/.634, 5 HR, 118 RBI, 424 H, 220 R, 444 G, 525 TB, 85 OPS+

Baseball Reference WAR: 8.1

FanGraphs WAR: 5.8

Combined WAR: 6.95

Jerry Remy spent the first three seasons of his big-league career in Anaheim with the Angels. For the most part he appeared in nearly every possible game, as he averaged 148 games a season.

Overall, Remy was a pretty decent hitter. He didn’t hit for power, but he got on base often and would be a force to be reckoned with on the base paths. During his three seasons, Remy stole 110 bases. It could have been a lot more, but he was thrown out more often than any player in baseball. He was caught stealing 54 times in only three years! During his rookie season, he was thrown out a league-leading 21 times. Hey, major props to him for always giving it a shot.

Aside from him being wild on the bases, that’s really all I could find on Remy. He got a lot of hits, didn’t hit for power, and was always trying to steal a base. Well, it still landed him a pretty respectable spot on this ranking. Good job, Jerry Remy!

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