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Mike Trout home run daily: What a relief

A Trout game-winner against the Mariners

MLB: APR 08 Mariners at Angels Photo by Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome back to the Mike Trout home run daily, where we relive all the home runs hit by Mike Trout in his career, one game at a time. We use a random number generator to select each game, and today we’re back in 2017.

The Angels hosted the Mariners on April 8, 2017, with Ricky Nolasco and Felix Hernandez facing off on the mound. But before you jump to conclusions, Trout did not homer against Hernandez.

Trout in his career has eight home runs against Hernandez, his most against any pitcher, and the most Hernandez has allowed to any batter. But in this game, Trout was 0-for-3 against King Felix, with two strikeouts and a groundout.

After Hernandez left, in a 3-3 tie in the seventh, Trout got to face Evan Scribner with one out and Yunel Escobar on first base, and launched one into the rock formation in center field.

Trout in his career is 5-for-10 against Scribner, with two home runs, a triple, a double, and six RBI. This was Trout’s second home run of the season, and his 170th career shot.

Trout’s home run in this one proved to be the game-winner in a 5-4 Angels victory.