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Today is deadline for Angels’ 60-player pool

We’ll know who might be suiting up for the Angels this season

MLB: JUL 28 Orioles at Angels

Today at 1 p.m. PT is the first major roster deadline for all 30 MLB teams to submit their 60-man Player Pool. This is going to be a group of 60 players that will be available to play for the Angels this season.

According to the league’s Operating Manual, all players on a 40-man roster “that the Club anticipates participating” during the season will be part of the Player Pool, while the rest will be made up of non-40-man roster players under contract. Any 40-man-roster players who are not included in a Player Pool (for example, maybe a prospect who isn’t deemed ready for the Majors) will still be paid during the season.

60 will be the cutoff, and teams won’t be allowed to exceed that number during Spring (Summer) Training or the regular season.

Instead of the 26 players that would have been on the Opening Day roster, the Angels will have 30. The other 30 players will be at an alternate training site nearby. If you need a refresher of who is on the Angels’ 40-man roster, check out the 40 players here.

If you have more questions on how this all works, along with potentially other questions in regards to the short season, Mark Feinsand of did a great Q&A with a lot of useful information. You can check that out here.

Stay tuned today to see who cracks the 60-player pool.