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On this date: Nolan Ryan strikes out 19

He didn’t even get the win!

California Angles Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

On this date in 1977, Nolan Ryan pitched one of the better games of his career. On June 8, Ryan struck out 19 batters in a 10-inning outing against the Toronto Blue Jays. Sadly, though he allowed only one run in 10 innings, the Angels didn’t give him any run support so he ended up with the no decision.

Can you imagine throwing 10 innings, striking out 19, allowing one run and NOT getting the win? Brutal!

For the game, Ryan also issued five walks along with six hits. He did allow a run, though it was unearned. Amazingly, it was the fourth time of his career in which Nolan struck out 19 in a single game.

Here’s how his strikeouts looked per inning:

1st inning: One strikeout (1)

2nd inning: Three strikeouts (4)

3rd inning: Two strikeout (6)

4th inning: Two strikeouts (8)

5th inning: Three strikeouts (11)

6th inning: Two strikeouts (13)

7th inning: Two strikeouts (15)

8th inning: Two strikeouts (17)

9th inning: One Strikeout (18)

10th inning: One strikeout (19)

For his career, Ryan appeared in 291 games with the Angels. He threw nearly 2,200 innings, striking out 2,416.