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Angels in the 11-homer, 11-steal club

Finding the rough equivalent of a 30/30 season in 60 games

MLB: AUG 31 Red Sox at Angels Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Angels in their 59-year franchise history only have two 30/30 seasons — Bobby Bonds in 1977 (37 homers, 41 steals) and Mike Trout in 2012 (30 homers, 49 steals).

Nobody is going to reach 30/30 in a 60-game season, and it would be a Herculean feat if anyone gets 30 homers or stolen bases this year.

But we can think about what the rough equivalent might be in a shortened year. In a season roughly 37 percent as long as the usual 162 games, getting to 11 homers and 11 steals is about right. Eleven/eleven doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as 30/30, but nothing about 2020 is normal.

ZiPS projections at FanGraphs have Trout reaching the power number with 15 home runs, but only project him for six steals this season.

Only six Angels have reached this newly-formed 11/11 club in the first 60 games of the season.

Angels with 11 HR & 11 SB in the first 60 games

Player Year First 60 HR/SB Full season HR/SB
Player Year First 60 HR/SB Full season HR/SB
Bobby Bonds 1977 14/15 37/41
Don Baylor 1979 12/12 36/22
Devon White 1987 11/12 24/32
Darin Erstad 2000 12/11 25/28
Torii Hunter 2009 16/11 22/18
Mike Trout 2018 19/13 39/24

Darin Erstad ended that season with 25 home runs and 28 stolen bases, one of six 25/25 years in franchise history. Erstad that season also set Angels records with 240 hits and a .355 batting average.

Trout’s lone 30/30 season was his rookie year of 2012, and that season he wasn’t called up until April 28 and only played in 38 of the Angels’ first 60 games. Trout missed 30/30 by a single home run in 2016, and that year after 60 games had 13 homers and nine steals.