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Mike Trout home run daily: Taking the Twins deep

A Trout shot against Michael Pineda, from 2019

MLB: MAY 21 Twins at Angels

Welcome back to the Mike Trout home run daily, where we look back at every home run of Mike Trout’s career, one game at a time. We use a random number generator to determine each game, and today takes us back to May 21, 2019.

The Angels were hosting the Twins in the middle game of a midweek series, with Trevor Cahill against Michael Pineda on the mound.

Trout got things started right away with a solo home run on Pineda’s third pitch of the game, a line drive down the left field line:

This was the 11th home run of the season for Trout, and his 251st career homer.

It was his first home run against the Twins in four seasons. Against Pineda in his career, Trout is 2-for-6 with this home run and two walks.

The Halos lead this one 3-0 but Minnesota stormed back, pummeling the Angels’ middle relievers for eight runs. Trout also walked in the eighth inning of what was an 8-3 Angels loss.

A note: This will be the last Mike Trout home run daily until the offseason. With actual baseball approaching, there is more relevant news to write about for now. We’ve done 110 of these so far, with 160 more to go, plus however many home runs Trout hits in 2020 will get added to the pile. We’ll pick this back up once the season is over, and thanks for reading.