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More bets placed on Shohei Ohtani than Mike Trout to win AL MVP

You can win yourself a lot of money by betting on him

San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Mike Trout is the clear-cut favorite to win the American League MVP yet again in 2020. His odds to win are +220, with Aaron Judge being the next closest at +950. However, although Trout is the favorite, he didn’t receive the most bets.

He didn’t even receive the most bets on his team.

Trout’s teammate, Shohei Ohtani, received the most votes to win AL MVP, and by a wide margin. He has received 27.2 percent of the wagers, per Oddschecker. Trout has received 18 percent of wagers.

It makes sense as to why Ohtani has such high odds, as he can truly do it all. He’ll be a hitter and a pitcher these season, and very well could have top 10 seasons for each. If he’s able to stay healthy on both sides and contribute, he very easily could be an MVP candidate.

Another reason Ohtani got a large amount of bets is due to his insane value. He has the 10th best odds at +3300. For those who don’t bet, that essentially means for every dollar you bet, you’ll receive $33 if he wins. So, if you simply bet $10 on him to win the MVP and he wins, you’ll get $330. Not too bad of a value if you ask me.

This comes from Pete Watt, an Oddschecker spokesperson. “If there is any player that is going to dethrone Trout, Ohtani is as good of a pick as any. He’s the only power hitter and power arm in the Majors, and his ability to swing the bat and hit triple digits on the radar gun gives him twice as many ways to impact a game.”

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