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Mike Trout home run daily: Another shot off Mike Fiers

Trout has four career home runs against Fiers, this one in 2015

Houston Astros v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Hello again from the Mike Trout home run daily, a place where we look back at all the home runs hit by Mike Trout to date — 288 in all, counting regular season, postseason, and All-Star Games. We use a random number generator, which today brought us to another home run against Mike Fiers.

Trout in his career is 10-for-29 with four homers and four doubles against Fiers, hitting .345/.457/.897 with 10 RBI.

September 13, 2015 was the finale of a weekend series at home against the Astros, with the Angels trying for the sweep. Trout hit one of those four homers against Fiers in the first inning of this one, hit over the bullpens in left field.

Scroll to 7:40 of this video to watch:

This was Trout’s 35th home run of the season, and his 133rd career shot.

The Angels hit two more solo homers off Fiers, and took a 3-0 lead into the ninth inning, and closer Huston Street got the first two batters of the inning, trying to complete the sweep.

Preston Tucker spoiled the shutout with a solo home run, then George Springer tripled, and Jose Altuve singled him home. The Angels were not only still just one out away from the win, but also this was their three previous games:

  • Wednesday, September 9: 3-2 win vs. Dodgers
  • Friday, September 11: 3-2 win vs. Astros
  • Saturday, September 12: 3-2 win vs. Astros

But sadly, a fourth straight 3-2 win wasn’t in the card for the Angels. Carlos Correa singled, then Jed Lowrie hit a three-run home run, a fifth straight hit off Street and a 5-3 lead for Houston. That was also the final score.