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Mike Trout home run daily: Home cooking against the Red Sox

A 2013 Trout homer against Ryan Dempster

Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Today’s Mike Trout home run takes us back to 2013 against the Red Sox at home.

Trout’s home runs against the Red Sox are heavily lopsided. He has just one homer in 23 games at Fenway Park, and that wasn’t hit until 2019. But in Anaheim against the Red Sox, Trout has eight home runs in 26 games.

One of those home home runs against Boston came on July 6, 2013, a Saturday night pitching matchup between Jerome Williams and Ryan Dempster.

Trout doubled in the first inning, but was stranded. He led off the third in a 2-2 game, but quickly untied it. Scroll to 3:16 of this video to watch:

This was Trout’s 14th home run of the season, and 49th of his career. He was 6-for-13 (.462) against Dempster, who is now retired, with all six hits for extra bases (two home runs, three doubles, and a triple).

The Angels trailed 7-3 in the ninth inning, but Trout was hit by pitch and scored in a four-run tying rally. He struck out to open the 11th inning, two batters before Josh Hamilton ended things with a walk-off home run.